Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day by Day, Hour by hour, minute by minute

My house is a wreck.

its always a wreck,
but not usually this bad.

Three days ago it was immaculate,
but it just can't seem to recover from Cohen's Party.

And today, the couch cushions almost sent me over the edge.
Do anybody else's kids do this?
Is it just mine?
Every dang time I turn around
all the pillows and cushions are off the couch.
"You can't jump as good with them all on there,"
I have been informed by Caden.
"They fall over and then you can't go as high."
Oh, right.

Two minutes.
My efforts never last more than two minutes.
My house is never clean all at the same time.
If the downstairs is clean,
the upstairs is wrecked
because I made the kids go up there while I cleaned downstairs
and vice versa.

I pick the dang cushions up 50 million times a day.
I carry armloads of toys upstairs 30 million times a day.

I say put your clothes on 20 million times a day.

I have a headache from thinking of how messy my house is.
I think I might go lay on the pile of pillows on the floor
Not to take a nap mind you,
because the second I dozed off
my kids would start jumping on my head.
I'm going to lay there
Just to avoid for one more hour
The mess that is my life.

P.S. Right before I posted this Ryan got home from work.
In his hand he had a box of cookies from Dippidee, the dessert place.
MMmmm...I love him.

P.P.S.-right after that Holly got here to pick up Bryn,
in her hand she had a fountain Dr. Pepper.
MMmmm... I love her

See, no more complaining.
My life isn't so bad.
How could it be with Dippidee and Dr. Pepper
all within minutes of each other.

I'm still going to go lay on the pillows though.


Cami said...

Awesome! I hear ya, never clean all at once. I am hiring cleaners for once or twice a month. I am so tired lately and don't want to do anything. I've caved and my good ole hubby has given me the ok. I do love that your house is messy, cause I always wonder if its just mine.

ambyr said...

I"m glad I'm not the only mom who tells me kids to PLEASE stop jumping on the COUCH!!! that's what the TRAMPOLINE IS FOR!!!!! if only I could get a cookie and a drink after a long day of kids!!! how is your nursing school stuff?!!

Brittany and Johnse said...

We have all been there :) My boys LOVE to jump on the couch and have wars to see who can be knocked off first....hmmm mind you I had hardwood floors!! boys will be boys!! or should I say Kids will be Kids!! :) ha ha

Kasi said...

This post made me laugh! Because my life is exactly the same way! It drives me nuts. Emily refuses to wear clothes, they always put the throw pillows on the floor, and Jake is constantly bringing his food into the living room. The house is spotless when I go to bed at night, and by 9am it is a disaster.
I hate it!!!

Ruthykins said...

huh, i don't know what your problem is. my house is always immaculate. everything in its place all the time. my kids are darling little perfect angels, always. no, really, it's true. what? you don't believe me? well, i guess that's a good thing, since it's not true at all.

TwinkleBee said...

Haha.I know it might not last long, but What I do is set a 10 minute timer for each room. After the timer runs out I make myself stop and I go to the next room. I do 3 rooms. It's not spotless when I'm done, but much better and I don't feel as crummy for having a messy house cause then I can say I worked on cleaning it that day. Next day to 3 other rooms. I find trying to do it all at once I would rather just sit down and cry, and I don't even have kids.... uh oh... I'm in trouble when they come along! By then you'll be a pro and can give me tips :)

Randi Gardner said...

Uh I'm not even a mom but whenever I babysit my neice and nephew, i realize the ridiculous task being a parent is. This is only once a week and it exausts me everyetime. You are not the only one who has kids that makes messes every two seconds. That is EVERY KID! Good thing kids are cute, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it. :)

kim said...

Yes my kids do take off the cushions on our couches-so finally we got couches where the cushions do not come off. It made me crazy too. I used to say "i don't care if you take them off as long as you put them back"-yeah right. So they never did and so i took matters in my own hands.