Monday, March 16, 2009


Hey You!
Yes You!
You who are reading my blog!

Why don't you ever leave comments?
Sometimes I wonder who you are.
Sometimes I wonder why you care what I write.
Sometimes I don't care. (Most of the time I do.)

Are you looking at the pictures?
Are you lured here by my comic genius?
(haha- laughing at myself over this)
Are you in disbelief that my kids are so naughty?
(I don't make this up folks)
Are you my long lost friend or neighbor?
Are you my family?
( if you are then you are doubly in trouble for not leaving comments)
Did you stumble across my blog by accident?
Are you groovin to my eclectic playlist?

I have to say I am pretty curious by nature.
I want to know who you are.
I want to know what you think
(I don't know if I would change anything,
even if you thought it was bad)
But I still want to know what you think.

And I want to know who some of you are
so I can surf your blogs too.
But how can I surf your blog
If I don't know who you are?

Do you need incentive? Hmmm?
How about this.
Leave me a comment.
Say hi.
Tell me what your blog is.
Tell me why you read my blog.
Say any old darn thing.
And I will pick one of you,
and give you an apron
from the apron shop.

Now. To all of you who comment, and comment often,
You all are excluded from the scolding of above.
Holly, Caitlin, Rachie Coray, Brittany, Kasi, Trilby, Ruth, Kim,
Ambyr, Cami, Kristi, Randi and Kristy
You guys are fabulous.
And although you guys comment often, you too can enter to win the prize.
Except Holly, she will be helping me make the prize (Sorry Doll :-) )

You want it?
You better comment then!
By Friday March 20
(Which is Kristi Kubik's B-day).

I am telling you now that I will be very sad
if the only people who comment are the ones mentioned above.
You will be sad, because you won't have a chance to win the apron.
And you want to win the apron.


Kasi said...

that's what I should have done, offered a prize for comments, since I really only got like two lurkers out of my post. meh.
ANYWAY, I want an apron!! If I don't win one I have already decided I will need to treat myself. :)

Heather said...

Haha, You did it! And so this is my first comment! Yay!
You already know my blog. And I read yours because it is hilarious and real. I love it!

Randi said...

You are so funny, there's no way I would NOT leave a comment when there's a prize involved... You know what's funny? I was just telling my husband TODAY that I need an apron... ha ha

Brittany and Johnse said...

ha ha! I love you and your blog with or without the apron :)

Ruthykins said...

shew, so glad i'm excluded from that berating. i was worried. um, i'm your long lost friend.

Bernie and Doll said...

so i guess i will comment even though i have been completely excluded from this fun little game :) I think you have an amazing talent with words and i love reading daily! i also love that the princess B is included in your naughty little brood of adorable children! I LOVE YOU! ps...everyone go drool over these AMAZING aprons at THE APRON SHOP

Caitlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caitlin said...

Speaking of aprons, I want to see your new patterns! You keep telling me about them, but every time I come over, I forget to ask you about them. You can exclude me from your contest because I already have a cute Handi Andi apron! :)

BBB said...

Hey, sometimes I do comment. Your special day is coming...

Anonymous said...

You are so funny,if I have not commented on your blog I am sorry I come and read them all the time reasons being: Let me clear my throat mmmhhhuum: I love you, Your family is so dang cute, I love the way you write it always is cleaver and makes me laugh, I have to check and see how princess B is :) I want to hear about all the drama our kids and Hollys are causing :D and and and and I could go on forever but I wanted to let you know I do read your blog and it is one of my favorites!!!!

philip+anne said...

you called me out of the woodwork! i love the different font sizes, but confess i mute your playlist. :) i love to see the normalcy of your life with your kids.
so glad to have reconnected with you.
anne (brubaker)

Emily said...

I confess... I love the fabulous playlist. And I always enjoy reading about long lost friends and how naughty their kids are. :D Here's my comment. I think you know where to find my blog...

Natalie said...

Hey, I made a comment...once. okay so I'm not good at commenting, but I do read your blog faithfully and am highly entertained by it. Happy Birthday!

James and Cami said...

Ha... I love it and I better win this apron! I need to make like an outdoor boy apron cause cohen likes to help me in the flower beds and do chalk and so forth and bc i love his clothes, i feel i need like an outdoorsy boy apron. Does that make sense. sounds dumb but you wait, peeps will want them!!!

kim said...

That is a way to get people to comment. Good job. I love to read your blog because of your sense of humor. I wish I could write like you. Hope you had a nice birthday!

ann said...

Ok I got to your blog from Emily's my blog is come check it out! I read it once and keep coming back just for the simple reason that I love your kids they are naughty and cute all at the same time and the way you write about it is even better. Yes I should have told you long ago I was sneaking peaks at your blog I'm sorry for that! can you forgive so can can have one of your great aprons!!

Erickson Family said...

I'm in! I love reading your blog =D

Kristi said...

Um, so I've been hinting to Byron that I would like one of your aprons for my birthday (I have to hint because he loves surprises to if I out right tell him, it's for sure a no go. Crazy I know.) I don't think he's got it though so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope with all my might that I get that darn cutest apron I've ever seen! And just for good measure, I love your blog because you're hilarious and I can hear your voice in my head as I read it and it makes me happy. :)

Sara Newton said...

First of all, who knew that so many people would comment on this?!? Probably you. So I have been spying on your blog for maybe a week or two? I don't know, time goes by at a rare fast speed for me these days. Whenever it was that your status said that you were blogging more than facebooking. So now I have declared that I read your blog and that I usually just don't have any comments. Except that I think your new hutch is lovely and I LOVE the cape cod red glass you are collecting. It's fabulous!

Lacey said...

*comment* ha ha I discovered your blog when I was reading Kristy's. And I must say, you are hilarious! You have a very witty humor, I love it.