Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Caden vs The Rocking Chair

The kids were doing some pretty interesting Ballet moves
to the Land Before Time theme song

when the rocking chair
got directly in the way of Caden's spin move.

Poor guy was spitting blood everywhere,
Ryan was even lucky enough to get sprayed on the neck and face
and on his t shirt

Ryan got him cleaned up was holding him on the couch
when he requested
"Ice in a baggy with some water,
and some towels so it doesn't pee on me."
I brought him a cold pack, but it was quickly rejected
"I told you I wanted ice in a baggy with some waters, and some towels!"

Right. Got it.

He let me lift up his lip one time to see.
Then promptly shoved me away and freaked out.

The fat lip on the outside looked painful,
the cut up bruised mess on the inside looked worse.

Poor little man.
He took it well for how much it must have hurt.
And all for the love of dancing in the living room.


Brittany and Johnse said...

OH ouch!! Poor guy! Good thing he didn't need stitches!! :(

Kasi said...

i love that he was worried about the bag peeing on him. Priceless.

TwinkleBee said...

oh, I've seen the dancing, your kids are little boogy machines :) Poor caden! He still hasn't written his name and sent it to me in the mail. Tell him I promise I'll write back! Your camera rocks. the upclose picture is so crisp!

Lacey said...

at least he got to keep his teeth, right? :)