Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was talking to Ryan today on the phone
(He calls me to chat sometimes, I love it.)
and telling him about my battles with the cable company
who has been overcharging me by $100 for 6 months.

I love talking to him about stuff like that
because he is always properly outraged on my behalf.
Its nice to have someone that always takes your side,
even if it is something as simple
as Walgreens overcharging me $2 for diapers.
Its $2 right?
And he always says right.

He's perfect for me really,
because I don't need someone to fix it for me
(I can ream out the cable man all on my own.)
I just need some one to reiterate
that they also think that it was an outrageous mistake.
I need validation.
He's a great validator.

I'm chubby, and messy, and sometimes lazy,
but he loves me.
I have not made a dent in the chubbiness with all of my working out
But he goes with me everyday to the gym.
Every day.

and tells me everyday
how proud he is of me for going and working so hard.
See? Great Validation skills.

and when we were getting off the phone today
I said "I love you"
and he said "I love you back."
and that made me so happy.
He validated my love for him.

He made cupcakes with my silicone pans
and chocolate gnash to pour over the top.
And thus validated me spending so much money on the silly pans.
Could my life get any better?
Well, I could be skinny,
but he loves me when I am chubby,
so probably not.


Randi Gardner said...

Ryan is an awesome guy and you two seem perfect for each other. You guys are my favorite cousins to hang with honestly. It's so nice to be married to the guy that is perfect for you...
I know how you feel! :)

Kasi said...

I love validation. I have a constant need for it :)

Kristi said...

That post made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm so happy you found your perfect match. We think Ryan's great too. :)

ambyr said...

oh my word...can I tell you how much I could live off of this dessert!!!!!! It's to die for...up there with blaxk tie mousse cake. and look at you losing weight!!! you go girl!!! I don't know how you do it with all that yummy food around!!!!