Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh I wish i was an...

Oscar Meyer Wiener!

Do you know how cool this is?
Do you know how lucky I am?

How many
of you have seen the wiener mobile in person?
How many?

I thought it was an urban myth or something.
Totally real
Totally Cool.

Thank you to my dad for instilling in me
a love of Oscar Meyer beef franks
and for teaching me all the words to the song
so that they could be stuck in my head for the rest of the day
after I was so lucky as to see this awesome sight.

You guys are jealous.
You know you are.


Ruthykins said...

my brother in law has had a life long dream to drive the wiener mobile. i'll have to tell him that you saw it.

Peter & Sarah Damaska said...

Hey-- I've seen it!! It was right after Peter and I got married and we were living in KY. We sat there in shock like we had just seen the President or something! :) Can you imagine driving that thing? No thanks.

Your post on your fellow students had me busting a gut. And so did your post on your kids being so perfect the next weekend. It's so . . . interesting . . . to be a mom!