Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They are messing with the wrong chick

Two different groups of people attempted to scam me today.


What is this world coming to?

At 10:30 I got a text on my cell phone
It said your debit card has been deactivated for security reasons.
Call this number to reactivate it.

No people, I am not stupid, I didn't buy it for a second.
I was just curious what it would say.

It was a recording asking to enter my card number and press #
and then enter my pin number and press #

Are you kidding me?

I immediately called my bank and they apologized and said that they had nothing to do with it and it was happening all over and for all different banks.

One more time,

Then, just as I am starting to simmer down from the fury of the first rip off

I get this letter in the mail from
American Direct Promotions INC
Saying that I had won a sweepstakes that I was entered into
simply by shopping at local stores and using my Visa.
Sounds fishy huh?

Also in the letter is a check.
A real check.
Called my bank and checked it out.
A real check.

For a fraction of the total amount.
This check I was supposed to deposit.
Then when it cleared I was supposed to wire a portion of it to some company
to cover taxes and fees.
Once this was done they would send me a certified check for the rest of the amount.

I called the company from the letter.
They had Indian accents,
and at the risk of sounding prejudice and rude,
I immediately knew something was up.
They confirmed the story and said that they were a second party company
hired to dispense winnings for the main lottery company.
They explained to me again what they wanted me to do and assured me it was legit.

I turned to the handy dandy google search and found this

I called my bank and they also thought it was a scam.
They said that the money would be put into my account, then I would use it
and then the check would be returned and it would be my own money that was lost.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record

Who could do this? Who could rip off innocent people?
I didn't fall for it, but you know that there are people out there that will!

I called that dirty rotten nasty man in Canada right back
and let him know exactly what I thought of him.
I assure you that swear words were involved.
I told him I was reporting him and his company
to local authorities, and to whom it may concern in Canada.

When I paused in my tirade he said
"Ma'am? are you finished?"
I spluttered a little and he continued
"Good, then have a nice day."
and hung up

He didn't even deny it.
I can't even think of a word bad enough to describe how I feel about people like that.

You want to call him and tell him that he is despicable? Please do!
Annoy the crap out of him.
1-778-858-0420 or 1-604-716-0703

Don't fall for it
Don't do it
Tell all of you friends and loved ones not to do it.
It is too good to be true.

I am calling Get Gephardt at my local news station.

Like I said

They are messing with the wrong chick!


Bernie and Doll said...

you can copy cat me anytime! Love You!

Ruthykins said...

that's awesome! now i almost want someone to try to scam me just so i can tell them how stupid they are.

Brittany and Johnse Davis said...

Andi, Johnse got that same text yesterday!! what a scam huh?