Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some girl is gonna snatch him right up.

My sister-in-law Amy and I
Did a swap day.
She watched my kids for 4 glorious hours in the AM
and I watched hers for some in the PM.

I didn't really know what to do with myself.
So I put on my new boots.
(I will definitely post on their sweetness)
and my new shirt
and grabbed my new purse
and was off to explore
all the little shops that I can't ever explore
when I have three kids with me
and then Costco and WalMart.
It was even more fabulous than I could have imagined.

Near the end of my liberation
I stopped to get Caden from school.

He walked out
looked me up and down
and said,
"Wow mom, you look really pretty."

and then
"I like your new purse."

I snatched him right up in the parking lot
and kissed his face.
How could I not?
What a little man.
That 10 seconds was better than the whole morning
of wandering aimlessly.
my little mommy heart warms every time I think of it.

I still had 45 minutes of freedom left
so I took that little man out to lunch
because he noticed my new purse,
and he told me I was pretty.

He deserved that cookie that came with his lunch!


Ruthykins said...

that's so sweet

Brittany and Johnse Davis said...

that's so sweet little boys are the best to their moms! I love when the boys will compliment me or tell me what looks good and what doesn't!

Randi Gardner said...

I know who you are! I've been reading your blog. You crack me up.