Friday, February 20, 2009

The Love Continues

This post is about several new loves.

1. The Nook and Cranny
2. Cape Cod Red Glass Dishes

First, the above mentioned store
The Nook and Cranny.
I lived in Lehi for 5, yes 5, years
before I discovered its wonders.

I drove by it often
and to be honest,
its looks like a junk store
A junky junk store.
But oh, the treasures that it holds.

Kenna's Darling Iron Bed came from the N&C

Trinkets, crafts, antiques, furniture, and yes, some junk.
Its an adventure every time.
Cool Candlesticks

You never know what you will find there.
And they will ALWAYS make you a deal
if you are brave enough to ask for it.

I have now hauled most of my friends,
and most relatives that come to visit to the N&C.
I always have to preface it by saying,
I know it looks scary, but it has the coolest stuff!

Awesome Frame, added a mirror
Frame $10 Mirror $15
(please ignore the mess reflected in the mirror)

Holly is a believer
She helps me lure people there.
She collects these cool insulators.
$4 -$10 a piece, depending on size and color

Caitlin, who is the most anti junk, anti clutter person I know
Is a believer.

She bought her kitchen chairs there.
2 for $30

My friend Kim now cruises there every couple weeks.

Its always different, there is ALWAYS a new treasure
(and more junk)

Hideous Pig Pill Case $5
(only at the N&C would you find something like this!)
Aunt Mary and I have a competition
to see who can find the best (aka most unique) pig presents
I Totally Win this Round
(Mary if you are seeing this, you didn't see this!)

At the N&C there is this hutch.

I love it.
It is antique and shamelessly shabby
and bright yellow on the bottom.
It would look perfect in my kitchen.

Displaying my next love.

My red dish/glass collection.
I am in love with the AVON Cape Cod dishes collection
Its deep blood red, and hard to find in an entire set
I have been collecting bits and pieces,

and then other red glass ware that catches my fancy.
Nothing Cheapy looking.
Unique and Cool.

How divine would it look on the hutch?

My Birthday is coming up.
All those of you who love me,
really really love me.
You now know.

I have been addicted to ebay
and the N&C looking for more.

Mmm... Cape Cod Red

Warms my heart.

Mmm...the N&C
quickly becoming my favorite shopping experience.


Caitlin said...

You're so funny! I have to go there with you because when I go alone it all just looks like junk. You have a good eye for the cool stuff. are good at bargaining.

Seriously, so blessed! said...

YOU WIN YOU WIN YOU WIN! baa! contact me for deets plz. Love you!

Ruthykins said...

sounds like a really cool store. i wonder if there is something like out around here where i am.

James and Cami said...

I drive by there all the time and want to stop, but I dont want to take the kiddos. Looks like you have found some good finds!!

TwinkleBee said...

Hey! I've come into town and not been taken to the famous N&C. Does that mean I'm loved less? Love the cape cod dishes.. unsure about the hutch :P I'm broke now, paying more for the house we want then we originally thought. Not sure how much helping i can do with the ticket. Let me know how much you need me to pitch in. Love you! What did you win over there?

Little Lady~bug said...

I actually had a question about your aprons. The bow is so high in the back how do you tie them yourself?