Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking a Sick Day

Cohen called in sick this morning.

He made the call at about 1 am.
I picked him up for a snuggle
and he promptly puked in my hair
and down my chest.
As I opened my mouth to scream for Ryan
He puked again
This time it splashed across my face
and into my mouth.

I guess I will allow him
to use one of his 5 allotted sick days today
After all
a 103* fever
Lime green snot
A hacking cough
Ear infections (bulging so the doctor says) in both ears
and puking in his mom's mouth
is evidence enough that he really is sick.
He even has a doctors note to prove it.

I think I am going to enforce the policy
of no two sick days in a row at our house.
Starting tomorrow.
The Boss doesn't know
if she can keep the company running
if her attendance is constantly down for the count.

(Besides, its just too sad to see the little man feeling so under the weather!)


Ruthykins said...

uh oh. did my kids get your kids sick? sorry. this sounds like the same thing they just got over.

TwinkleBee said...

dang! poor guy! I loved your post though, very clever, great wit! Wanna write my blog? You could make my life sound more interesting then me!

Ruthykins said...

did you win in tamn's giveaway? that was the prize i wanted.

Bernie and Doll said...

poor chubba!