Monday, February 23, 2009

Handi Andi goes to school


So I have worked at
New Haven Residential Treatment Center
for hmmm...
At the end of this month it will be 7 years.

6 of those years I worked full time.
5 of them as a Residential Supervisor.

After Cohen was born I just couldn't do it anymore.
Neither could Holly who went from babysitting baby Caden
to babysitting Caden, Kenna, Cohen,
(and taking care of her own child, Princess B)

I hung up my supervisor hat
and went on call.

This means I had no set schedule,
and I could pick up shifts when I wanted.
This was lovely.
My kids thought so too.
They were being shuffled from one place to another most of the week.

I also started helping out the nursing department
They said that if I got my CNA I could transfer over
from Residential to Nursing.
This meant amazing hours and a little less stressful work.

Those of you who really know me are probably laughing their heads off right now.
I don't do blood and guts and cuts and catheters, etc, etc.
Yuck, just don't do it.

But I really love the other nurses,
and the nursing director, Megan

She and I have worked together for lots of years.
And she is a really good friend.

How could I pass this up?
I couldn't.
So I did some internet research and found this.

And the best part was that they offered weekend classes.
(9 hours a day but done in two and a half weekends.)

The stupid part was I hadn't been to school in 7 years.
I have a bachelors from BYU
and I was nervous to go to a class that you don't even have to graduate
from high school to qualify for.

I packed my backpack the night before.
Two pens, two pencils
A spiral notebook
A highlighter
Some healthy snacks
some not healthy snacks.
Two bottles of water.
I even laid out my outfit.
Yep, I'm a nerd.

I was terrified that I was going to be the class joke.
Ryan thought this was funny.
He thought I was kidding.
I wasn't.
I have a healthy fear of failing.
Never failed a class in my life.
Before my senior year at BYU I had never even gotten a C

I went to bed early
and triple checked my alarm.
Went over and over the directions.
I got there 15 minutes early and watched my classmates trickle in.
Some were in pajamas.
Half of them didn't even bring a pen with them.
Some put their heads down on their desk and immediately went to sleep.

There was the hippy lady who kept telling us about her naked natural childbirth
Then the janitor in the ER who kept telling us all the "cases" she worked on.
The engaged couple sitting in front of me
who kept kissing and rubbing each others thighs.
The girl who took care of her 83 yr old Grandma and kept saying how she
was so constipated that her poop was like rocks.
The 18 year old that talked and whispered to her neighbors the WHOLE time.
I wanted to throw one of my two pencils at her.
Or bang my head against the wall.

I may be one of the few sane people in my class.
And one of the maybe 5 out of 40 who payed any attention.

We'll see how next weekend goes.


TwinkleBee said...

Yay! A student again! I had forgotten what a good student you are. You should get a masters. You would be REALLY good at being one of the counselors at a place like new haven. I wish I could shadow you on your job for a day, I find it fascinating, something I might like to do. I know they know you as hard as nails there too, I would LOVE to see that! haha!

Kristi said...

Andi I am so proud of you. If anyone can do this, you can. You're serioulsy one of the most capable people I know. How you've pulled off half the things you've done since I've known you I'll never know. It really is amazing. A gift I tell you. You go girl!

kim said...

Wow, so interesting. I think it would be so hard to go back to school. props to you.