Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Grumpy Boy Gets a Haircut

Cohen was looking like a woolly mammoth.
So I decided to cut his hair.

He loved it.

Can't you tell?

If he doesn't like something he starts screeching
OW, Ow, Owie, Ow
until I stop.

There is no way it is real pain,
because the second he saw Diego on the TV
in the reflection of the mirror,
he was perfectly fine.

(This is especially fun during church on Sunday when I am trying to get him to sit still and be quiet.
sitting still is painful, because it induces the chorus of Owies.)

We made it to the end of the haircut with no casualties
I survived with my patience barely intact.

A pretty cute boy was hiding under that hair.

(Don't worry, this was not the final outcome,
Just the moment he saw Diego and quit crying.)
(And then I wiped the huge Bogey and he started crying again)


Ruthykins said...

that's how andrew is. my sister cut his hair and he kept saying ow like it hurt. crazy kids. i think andrew is just freaked out by the noise that the clippers make.

Brittany and Johnse Davis said...

oh ANDI have we learned nothing about YOU being cutting hair instead of me....ha ha just kidding this one turned out WAY better than the last incident i am thinking of... (hmm bald spot for Cayden?!?!?) ha ha! LOVE YA!

Erickson Family said...

must have something to do with being the 3rd child. Asia STILL cries OWIE for EVERYTHING. She's 4... LOL