Friday, February 13, 2009

You know what today is right?

Preschool Valentines Party Day of course!

Hence the red sweatshirt and the bag o' goodies

Ryan (a.k.a. the best husband and dad on the planet)

Sat down with Caden and helped him craft his signature
on all 25 Spiderman 3D Valentines in the box
No easy task.

When I picked him up he had his bag proudly clutched in both hands
and announced to me that his friends gave him candy
and even some girls too.

I asked him if the big pink one was from his girlfriend
and with the most disgusted sigh
and an eye roll
"No mom, that's from my teacher, Mrs. Tonya,
she's not a girl, she's a teacher."
"I think she's a girl too."
"Oh, but not my girlfriend, that's gross."

You just go on thinking that girlfriends are gross for 16 more years Caden.
You can save yourself some major money on Valentines that way
That is fine with me.


Bernie and Doll said...

Our caden bug is getting so big! sweet boy! His signature is so cute!

Kristi said...

My friend and I were remembering exchanging Valentines at school (her olderst son is in his first year of Preschool). I LOVED making the bag and receiving all the treats. Life is sooooo good when you're a kid. You just don't appreciate it like you should.

Caitlin said...

He looks like he had so much fun. I love his little writing on all the cards.