Friday, February 6, 2009

The Breakdown of a Good Jump in the Pool

First you must strategize
Which entry will be the most aesthetically pleasing?
Which will show off my talent to the highest degree?
Which will make a huge splash and get the camera lady wet?

The posing before take off is very important.
This is art, right?

Finally, the main event
See the splash pattern?
The form?
The audience gave 10's
and shrieks of approval.
(or maybe shrieks of outrage, as they were doused.)


Brittany and Johnse Davis said...

Cayden is getting so big! i can't believe it! I remember watching him with caitlin like 4 years ago or more!! CRAZY!

Chelsea and Jay said...

It was really nice to have your dad visiting this past weekend. He is soo cool. Hannah kept looking at him like grandpa well maybe not, sounds like him, but looks different. On a different note - In order for Phil to bring this new girl into the family she has win at least one mexican horse race on the back of HOOF-ARTED!! No slackers admitted to this family. Looks like things are going well. Chelsea, Hannah, and I would love to get out there, hopefully soon. Love ya, Jay - I still laugh at the time we went to Temple Square and the lady was like SHHHH! I think Mac was on a date with Rachel or some other of his 50 chicks. Adios - Tell Ryan Hola