Friday, November 7, 2008


What can I say. I love Twilight. Probably more than any 28 year old woman should. I read them all the time. Ryan gets so irritated because he wants me to read the seventh Harry Potter so we can discuss, but I just can't get into it because I am so into Edward and Bella and the whole shabang. Who needs Harry and Jenny when you have Edward and Bella, and who needs Ron and Hermoine when you have Alice and Jasper. I don't care if its juvenile. I don't care if people say its poor writing. I love it. Who cares if its mushy, who cares if its a vampire. I love it. and just for the husband has read them too...because i told him he should because I LOVED them...and he did...because he loves me...dang...I should read Harry Potter...cause I love him too... and he loves Harry Potter. I will alwas love twilight more than Harry Potter though.

My brother, Philip, or otherwise known as Phlipup in our house, is a rock star on the computer and we casually asked him to find the twilight font for us...cause we are making these cheesy twilight tshirts for the premier (of course we are going, Caitlin, Holly and I), so we could then convert them to a sewing program and then embroider them with our sewing machines. Pretty tall order huh?

Well, not for my rocks star brother! He found it in seconds and then found the conversion program, and then linked them. So we now have twilight. Just like on the cover of the book. We also have Bella's handwriting, and Edwards, and Alice's. See how obsessed I am? I am so excited to have a twilight font. My cheesy t-shirt is totally going to ROCK! Yeah twilight!

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Brittany and Johnse said...

Ya Andi..i am so excited you have updated your blog!! I love to spy..ha ha. anyway it was so good to see you yesterday. i want to take some picutres of i will be calling you!