Wednesday, November 19, 2008

JRP makes bread

JRP, as mentioned in an earlier post devoted entirely to him, is an excellent cook. He often makes dinner, and he often bakes on a Sunday afternoon. A couple of weeks ago we had a rare Saturday night when I did not have to work.

"Lets make bread" JRP says.

"That would involve going to the store with all the kids to get more flour." Andi says.

I thought this was a worthy threat ( I was watching a movie or something and didn't want to get up) because there are several things that JRP DOES NOT DO.

1. Take all 3 kids anywhere all by himself. He says he never really needs anything bad enough to go out with all 3 and risk the headache trying to corral them would bring on. One time I was at work and he called me from the store to see if I needed anything while he was there. I almost dropped the phone and immediately said "You went to the store with all the kids?" He laughed and said, "How well you know me...I left two of them with my mom and just brought Cohen." Ahhh... this is the JRP I know and love.

2. Go to Wal-Mart. Really this applies any day of the week but especially on Saturday. He says it is constantly crowded, people pushing and impatient, the parking lot alone makes him frustrated.

3. Go to any grocery store in Utah on a Saturday night. All of us Mormons out here stocking up so as not to break the Sabbath makes for a three ring circus at every single grocery store.

He shocked me by saying, okay, lets get them in the car and go now. We could use some other groceries too. I ran to get my shoes and off we went to the store. I couldn't pass up the opportunity as it might not happen again.

They turned out pretty good huh? They tasted even better. I am so glad JRP suggested it. It was fun to bake together.

This recipe is a family one that my Aunt Melanie has made for us since I was a little girl. She really has perfected it and has won awards yearly at the state fair for their deliciousness. Someday when I learn to put links on here I will post the recipe. If you would like it, just leave me a comment.

Also notice the Silpat Silicone baking mat and perferated pan. I sell these and other guaranteed non stick silicone bakeware. Its THE BEST for bread. Cooks more evenly so you never have brown bottoms and doughy tops or vice versa, and they are guaranteed 100% not to stick to anything. You never grease them, you just throw the stuff down and go. I could go on and on, but really, even Martha Stewart uses them, so don't take my word for it, take hers. They rock.

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Chuck said...

Would you send me the recipie? Someday I'll get a girlfriend to cook with!

- Chuck