Monday, November 17, 2008

Cowboy Boogie

This is Cowboy Caden showing me his cool dance moves. He was so funny. He stopped every two seconds to pose again for the camera and to say "did you see that mom? did you see that? Every day he has a new dance style. My mother in law is very concerned that he is going to become an exotic dancer or something. I say hey, if you got moves...on with the groove.
"yeah mom?"
"don't you think that you should get some clothes on to dance?"
"no mom. I have my "pool up" and cowboy hat on."
"Okay, but are you cold?"
"nope, I'm just good."

This is the one that has the "m.i.l." worried.

"Are you tired Caden? From all that dancing?"
"Nope. I like dancing. "



Brittany and Johnse said...

ha ha! i love that....he is so funny. I am so glad you added some more posts! thanks! see ya soon!

Natalie said...

Think of the money that Caden will make with exotic dancing!