Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cohen Rick Price

Do you recognize this face?
This is the face of MISCHIEF!
If you ask Kenna who this is she will say, "This is Coco-butter."
If you ask Brynley who this is she will say, "This is Coco-chubs."

If you ask Caden who this is he will say, "This is Cokes."
If you ask Holly who this is she will say, "This is Chubba."
(He used to be my chubbiest, which was still pretty skinny)
Ask me.
I'll tell you this is the face of my sweet, but yes, very naughty, baby.
I love this face.

1 comment:

TwinkleBee said...

Ahhhhh...this cute little bug is CoCo to me! He got a haircut, what a handsome boy! I love your blog background by the way. way better then the last one! :)