Monday, November 17, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods...

We went to visit Grandpa Rick and Grandma Becky in April. The kids think Grandma's house is the coolest toy store in all the world and when she washes their hands, she says WOMP, WOMP. I can't tell you for how many weeks I had to womp womp with the wipes or their hands were not considered really clean. How can I compete with grandma?

While we were there grandpa also took us to this huge barn craft store thing and the kids found this awesome pig. I seriously would buy that. It would make me laugh every single time I looked at it for the rest of my life, so I would consider it an investment in my future. Only in Goshen Indiana would you find something that ridiculous.

The Company that my dad works for, Fairmont Homes, builds houses and vans, and motorhomes, and all kinds of stuff. While we were there they were getting ready for a big housing show so since we knew a VIP we got a special tour. Some of these houses were awesome! Better than my own home. I loved this one.
Not my favorite color and it doesn't look that awesome from the outside but from the inside. Wow!

Built in desk at the end of the hallway
I love the huge island and the huge window over the sinks, and the double oven, and...
The living room with awesome fireplace and built ins on either side.

Every night the kids finished up by watching a movie on the couch downstairs. Their dream come true

One of the days of our visit, she got out the Karaoke Machine...Shoot... Kenna was made to Karaoke. She freeked out anytime anyone took the microphone from her.

And since all good things must come to an end... so did our trip. That car was packed to the top and then some for the cross country drive. We always find things that we want to bring home with us. Little by little we are unburdening our very patient Dad, who has been storing rocking chairs and cradles and high chairs and other memorabelia for all the years that we have been out of the house. We had a good time Dad and Becky! We can't wait to come back!

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