Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kenna My Love

See this sassy little squirt?

Well, on the day this picture was taken
(Somewhere near the end of October)
She pretty much made my day, probably my week, and maybe even my whole year.

See we were watching the pig races, (I'll explain later) and they wanted people to volunteer. So the pig race official calls out

"Okay, who has the prettiest mommy out there?"

Kenna gasped, threw her little hand in the air and yelled "MY MOMMY, MY MOMMY!"

Can you pay children for ego boosts like that? I bought her her very own Sprite.(She had been begging and pleading all night to not have to share.)

I didn't get picked. Who cared? Not me!
Caden got picked later and his pig won.
Here is Kenna modeling the prize.

But really the real prize had already been won.
My daughter thinks I am the prettiest mommy out there.
What prize could be better than that?

Man I love that girl.

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