Monday, November 17, 2008

Maui Me All Over Again

Hawaii. makes me feel relaxed and peaceful all over again just saying the word. My awesome amazing Aunt Mary(my moms sister) but kind of like a my own mom too came to stay with the kids. This is an adventure of its own and a separate blog. Ryan and I had the best time. Really, the best time. I filled a whole memory card with just the road to Hanna. Which is what our selection will be today. I think I need to do Hawaii in installments. There is no way it would fit in one days blog. SO here we are, the road to Hana.

A Volcanic Black Sand Beach at Pa'iloa Beach at Wai'anapanapa Park
where we stopped to get Ryan's mom some sand. It was really cool. I love the sound that the water makes when it sucks back out so sea through the rocks. This strange rattling, clattering sound.
This is a red sand pocket beach off of Hana Bay. Once again, to get sand for Ryan's mom. This was a tiny little beach about twenty feet wide in between huge rocks. It was a major hike, to get there and it was so tiny Ryan said that we could do whatever we wanted here and no one would even know. Wink wink. Just as we were laughing about it, two people climbed over the rock and onto the beach. And as Ryan and I kept laughing at out little joke, two more people climbed over the rock. Definitely not our own private beach to do whatever we wanted.
or for those of us that are not natives, Venus Pool. On one side, this beautiful pool, then rocks and black sand, and a beautiful beach. You could swim in the warm, freshwater pool and watch the waves crash on the sand/rock. Once, again, an intense hike along a not so beaten path, and dangling down the side of a cliff holding on to a rope so I wouldn't fall off a one foot wide ledge. You better believe Ryan had to talk me into that one. I found a video that shows the sounds of the water pulling back out over the rocks by the venus pool, and you get the bonus of seeing Ryan's sexy back...

These are the seven sacred pools. They waterfall one into another until you get down to the ocean. They were so pretty but after a long day of hiking and swimming and exploring waterfalls, I was too tired to get out of the car, so this is what you get. View from a car window.

This concludes road to Hana part one, the other half of the pictures are on a memory card that isn't downloaded yet. I'll get my before mentioned rock star of a brother to help me with that so we can get the other half of the road to Hana.

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Natalie said...

Now that is one sexy back!!! It must run in the family. I am glad you guys were able to go there without the kids.