Friday, November 21, 2008

Today is Becky's birthday (well, I'm posting this Friday night, so technically tomorrow, but whatever.) My kids love Grandma Becky and they get so excited to go to her house that I have to wait to tell them or they don't understand why we can't go today.

Reasons the kids love Grandma

1. She plays with them, and I mean plays. She does a mean robot monster and her chimpanzee impersonation cannot be replicated. I have tried to do the robot and been informed by Caden that Grandma Becky does it better.

2. She knows all kinds of songs and she sings to the kids, opera, show toons, nursery rhymes. She even sing songs instructions. She has a karaoke machine that she lets them sing in really loud. They love it.

3. She reads books and she does ALL the voices. Even books about trucks or cars, she does all the sounds. When we were last there, they loved to sit by her and have her read.

4. She let them make sticker papers and then she sent them in the mail. They are on the boards in their rooms and they still will point and say that Grandma sent that to them.

5. She lets them sit at their own little table and cuts their food up into little pieces and when they are done, and this is the important part, She WOMP WOMP's their hands to clean them off. They freaked out for a week when we got back if I didn't womp womp their hands.

There are lots more reasons... but the most important one is

She sits them on her lap, or gives them hugs and looks right in their eyes and says "Grandma loves you. Did you know that? Grandma loves you, and Grandpa loves you and mom loves you and dad loves you and Heavenly Father loves you..."

Thanks for loving my kids Becky. It means the world to them, and to me.

We Love You!
Happy Birthday, you 29 year old, you.

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Erickson Family said...

That is just too precious! I have never pictured Becky a grandma until now. I mean, that came out wrong. I just picture her so young and stuff. Plus I haven't seen them in person since Mac's mission farewell. I forgot that all you guys have kids and that your parents are grandparents....WHAT AN AIRHEAD!!! LOL that's what 5 kids'll do to ya.....just say NO!! LOL j/k