Thursday, November 20, 2008


Kenna was the lovely Tinkerbell. She loved her costume. She put it on when she got up and she wore it all day. She still wears it at least every other day, for some amount of time, it seems like. She says it makes her a "bellarita".

Kenna and her Cousin Brynley sharing some fairy lovin.
Bryn was done with the wings at this point but these two are always up for hugs

Cohen was our baby skunk. We tried to teach him to hold his nose and say pee yew, but he doesn't talk much so we were thrilled with what we got which was poo poo in a high pitched voice.
He kept laying down on the kitchen floor on his padded fluffy tummy and pulling himself around. We started calling him our baby roadkill. At times throughout the day he smelled like road kill.

Caden was our Captain Jack Sparrow.
He looked pretty cool. He fought me on the makeup for most of the day but finally let aunt Holly Fix him up. He kept saying "Mom, I can't, I will look ridiculous" where he learned that word I do not know, but he was very concerned about looking "ridiculous."
He felt better once a guy at the church told him that he had the coolest costume in the whole room.


TwinkleBee said...

Yay for halloween costumes!! CoCo is such a cute little skunk, i chuckled. Kenna looks like a doll as always, and Caden looks rad. Tell him RayRay, thought he was a stud.

Little Lady ~ Bug said...

Hello Andi,
Halloween is always so much fun! We had a blast dressing Addison up and taking her around.
We heard your Hawaii trip was a blast and mom loves her plumaria, what a good idea!
Trilby, Neal and Addison