Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kennady Rebekah Turns Three

Kenna's Birthday fell on the day of Black Friday shopping. I was out and about when she woke up and Ryan called her to tell her Happy Birthday first. Evidently she said "It's my birthday? YES!" and then dropped the phone and went back to watching her movie.

Caden informed her that she had gotten a little kitchen for her birthday, so when Ryan carried it in she said "Oh...thats my kitchen." and walked away. So much for the big suprise. She loved it once it was put together and played with it all afternoon. Thank you Aunt Holly!

Then Uncle Mac and Aunt Rachel, and Vienna came over with the perfect gift. It was a Disney Princess Tin with all kinds of markers and stickers and coloring books. For the rest of the night she was on a "Princess High." She slept with the sticker book. Perfect! Thank you!

Saturday we went to the movies, where the princess demanded popcorn and her drink and then happily watched Bolt.

Caitlin made these darling cupcakes for her birthday, and gave her some much needed long sleeved shirts to wear under short sleeves. Thanks Caitlin!

Grandma and Grandpa Price came and so did Aaron and Tiffany. They also got her awesome, totally up her ally gifts.

Aaron and Tiffany got her a little white dog in her own little carrier purse, it is still attached to her arm as we speak.

Grandma got her these nesting boxes that are replicas of ones that she has. Kenna goes for these first every time we go there. She loves them. And another stacking nesting thing. Well loved already. Thank you Grandma!

Amy, Jason, Logan, and Silas came and they gave her a Princess filled purse. Shoes, Jewelry, a wand, and a Princess Diary. After all, what is a princess without her pretties? Thank you Amy. You know exactly what a girl needs.

Kenna is excited to be a big girl, until we mention that because she is now a big girl, she no longer gets a binki, then she is not so sure. She's come a long way from being born a month early and in the NICU for the first week.

She slept like a princess even then!
Happy Birthday Kenna!

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Bernie and Doll said...

Happy Birthday Kenna Bear!!!! Sorry i missed the party! ILOVEYOU!