Friday, January 30, 2009

Yeah, Fat girl got skills.

So today,
my new trainer,
his sales technique worked like a charm
on chubby old me,
kicked my butt.

He is this super muscly really cute guy from California
that DELIGHTED in making me do ten more.
Then ten more.
I DELIGHTED when he tripped on a yoga mat and fell
on his very well shaped butt
in front of the entire cardio kick boxing room
full of skinny women,
while getting a medicine ball to further torture me.
Ha. Karma is a Bi*** isn't it?

He swears that it is possible to for me to loose
fifty pounds
by August.
If Baron swears it, I should believe it right?
Well if the condition of my jello legs after 30 minutes proves it,
then hello to the new me.
You won't even know me I will be so hot.

I am laughing so hard as I am writing this
that I am almost falling out of the chair.
Me hot?
Me believe muscle man Baron?
We shall see.

He did reaffirm my belief in planks however.
I hate them, but I like to think that someday
when I have buns of steal,
and no fat rolls on my back,
and washboard abs,
(I am laughing hysterically again)
that I will love them then,
for the beauty that they have revealed.

Baron did make me feel slightly better about my extreme out of shapedness
when he said that i was actually stronger and better at his torture devices
than he thought I would be.
To that I say
Yeah, fat girl got skills.

Plus, Ryan says he will take me back to Hawaii if I lose 50 pounds.
He should never have offered.
You do not even know how serious I am about that.
When my knees were going week and my arms were quivering,
I was visualizing me,
and my hot bod in Hawaii.


A favorite quote comes to mind.
I think it is going to be my Mantra. Its a church hymn.

DO what is right, be faithful and fearless
Onward, press onward, the goal is in sight.

Faithful and fearless, the goal is in sight.
Is that sacrilegious to use a church hymn that way?

This Chunky Dunker is goin' dippin' in the skinny pool.
Just watch me.

To actually watch me and to get inspiration for yourself,
you should go to my sisters newly created blog.
She has great tips and I comment there a lot about my progress.
If you leave tips and ideas she will use them in posts.


Little Lady ~ Bug said...

Good for you! I've been exercising at home and I've lost 5 pounds, just 30 to go!!! Good luck! You can do it.

Bernie and Doll said...

Ok...I am Inspired! This chunky dunker is on board! I surrender! You win! You can kick my butt into shape...just know that when you are training me....i too will find great joy and delight in the sight if you are the skinny bit** that trips on yoga mats while fetching me a medicine ball! ;) Love you!

Kristi said...

You've inspired me too Andi! I"ve been hoping this last 20 lbs will just "melt off" with nursing. Yeah right. I'm going to go do some crunches and drink a gallon of water. :)