Friday, January 30, 2009

Sentencing Postponed

So today was supposed to be the sentencing of


David Lester Ragsdale

For killing his wife,


Kristy Koreen Palizzi Ragsdale

The funny thing is

He conveniently became too sick
to attend his own sentencing.

(Really it was not funny.
I canceled plans with pals,
dragged Holly out of bed,
made my husband babysit,
rearranged my schedule,
and drove thirty minutes)

I learned this
when I saw the
yellow sticky note
on the elevator door
at the court house
Professional huh?

10:30 am

Frustration and anger.
David Ragsdale is STILL ruining people's day
from his jail cell.
Where apparently he has been violently ill
for the past 10 days.
He probably ate soap.

Have we learned nothing people?
He is a liar and manipulator
He has anxiety issues.
People with anxiety
often have severe stomach upset

when anxious.
Would being locked in an 8x12 concrete cell
for the rest of the foreseeable future
give you anxiety?
It would.

He's not ever gonna feel better.
He shouldn't
His kids won't ever feel better about being orphaned
His neighbors are not going to forget being traumatized.
I won't forget loosing a friend.
God won't forget his choice to take a life.
Satan won't either.

You made the choice mister,
get on with the consequence
so the rest of us
can get on with our lives.

Like Kristy's mom said when I talked to her today.
Give him some depends and a barf bag
and lead him in.

I don't ever want to devote another day to thinking about
(cursing about really)
David Lester Ragsdale