Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years.

Nobody parties like us.
We rarely party.
Come on... with three kids?
But, it was New Years.

So Holly and Cory came over.
Both as Good Looking as ever.

I told Holly that I hate it that I always look like crap in pictures because I am always so busy running around cleaning that I don't have time to put make up on before the party.

She got right down to business.

Holly said we looked like "two dolla hookers."
I love it.
If this is what "two dolla hookers" look like, bring it on.

So while we were doing makeup (there we are on the couch)
Cory and Ryan were rockin out with rock band.

And Cohen was helping me catch up on blogging.
You didn't know he blogged?
Well he does now. (Evidently.)

Kim (or Kimella as Kenna calls her)
Was singing to Ariel and Snow White on the couch.
They were enthralled.
When she would finish a song they would be quiet and then say, Brinley's turn.
Sing again.

Phlip and Laura dropped in after Phlip's
(otherwise known to you as my resident computer expert)
Birthday Dinner.

Watching Dick Clarks Rockin Eve and waiting for the ball to drop.

Ryan and I Kissing this year goodbye and saying
We can take it!


Caitlin said...

Are those your new lashes? You look gorgeous!!!

Bernie and Doll said...

i don't know....after analyzing the fall into the catagory of a "hundred dolla ho" Sexy Eyes! :)