Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Awful, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Day

I have sometimes used the phrase
"I think that the world is conspiring against me today."

I have been working out for weeks.
weeks i tell you.
The pouring sweat, knees weak,
gasping for breath working out.
haven't lost a pound.

My husband only gets paid once a month
i was so excited because today was the day
i finally had some money.
His car broke down on the way home from work
Completely out of the blue.
I now have no money.

I hold out hope for the tax return
But you can't get a tax return without a w2
and my employer is the slowest on the planet evidently.
Still nothing today.
And its the 27th!

I need to go in to work tonight
to earn money
to fix the car
but my husband is at a Spurs/Jazz game
and my brother in law is MIA
and I don't want to drive an hour round trip
to take them to my sisters
when I am only going to be working
for two hours.

I have a migraine.
And my house is a mess.

I probably need to start praying now
that tomorrow will be better.
Because I don't want another today


Kristi said...

That sucks man. I'll try to blog about my yucky day tomorrow. It involved cleaning up a lot of young people's bodily fuctions. Better yet, I'll just try to forget the whole thing and start fresh tomorrow. The sun will come up tomorrow...

James and Cami said...

Oh Andi that sucks so bad. I hear ya about the W2's...where the heck are they??? We do have a good job though.


kim said...

Sorry for your yucky day. Sorry you have not lost any weight. That is the worst when you work so hard and see no results.

it is annoying when employers wait so stinkin long to send your w2-don't they know we are holding our breath til it comes.

hope tomorrow is a better day.