Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to Look Awesome Part 2

Dear fans,

My mom says everyone
LOVED my post from last Sunday.
Showcasing my use of make up
So I thought I would enlighten you again.

See this hair?
This didn't come naturally.
I worked on it all night.

In order to achieve this height
and level of tangling
You must sleep face down in your pillow
and occasionally rub your forehead back and forth
into your pillowcase.
(Hint: this also adds to the static that make it stand straight up)
You should also probably scream
really loud
when your mom tries to comb it out.
After all, you were working it, Right?

Once again, you can always comment
and my mom will read it to me.
I should be able to supply you with more pictures
another morning this week.



Brittany and Johnse Davis said...

Kenna is SO cute!! and hair like that doesn't come easy!! ha ha!! can we say EXTRA BODY!!

kim said...

cute post. man you have been really good about posting almost every day. Kylie screams when I comb her hair too. Annoying. Kenna looks adorable anyway though.

TwinkleBee said...

love the kenna posts. she's a great writer. Good humor :) Does she want to start a fashion blog? I'd be her number one fan. Aprons I want to see the aprons!