Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gag, gag, throw up in my mouth, gag

Wanna hear something gross?
You better believe I did not take pictures of this.
No illustrations necessary.

Kenna came running into Caden's room where I was tidying up

"Mom, Mom, Cohen is eating poop."


"Moooommmm...Cohen is eating poop!"

"How did he get poop?"

You see at this point I wasn't so concerned.
We had made no bake cookies a few days before
and I thought he must be eating one of those.

Because even though it is 11:00 am.
My kids are still in their jammies,
and cohen's are zippered with feet,
so even if he pooped,
the chances of him getting to it to eat it were slim.

"On the floor, he's eating it."

"Where did he get poop?"

Kenna pulled out her most innocent face and said
"I don't know mom. He's just eating it."

"Did you poop in your underwear Kenna?"

We're struggling right now, both with lying,
and with pooping in the potty.

"No mom. I didn't."

So i walked into the hall and sure enough.
There is my 20 month old son
trying to spit and claw stuff out of his mouth.
saying "uh oh, ucky, ucky, ma, ucky"

So there were not only poop pellets on my carpet,
but also chewed up slobbery bits of poop that Cohen had spit everywhere.


"Sorry mom, sorry. I go sit in time out."

"Did you poop in your panties?"

Big blue eyes filling with tears, head bent,
"I wanna say sorry. I wanna say sorry."
"I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry"

Don't feel bad for her!

Feel bad for me!

She is the consummate little actress.
She can whip out the tears at any moment.

If she was really sorry she would poop in the dang toilet
so I wasn't cleaning out underwear EVERY DAY!
AND... and this is a big and

IF she was really sorry.



Kim Luck said...

Love it-that is all I can say.

Sorry you had to clean it up and sorry Cohen was eating it. Although, it is nice to know that others have normal families out there. Thanks for letting everyone know you are real.

Caitlin said...

That is so disgusting! I'm glad you decided to post it after you recovered from cleaning it up :) Kenna the drama queen is hilarious! I love her!

Erickson Family said...

HEY! I got poop on my blog right now too. You're good, though, I DID take pictures AND video!! LOL
p.s. the little captcha that I have to type in below to verify I'm a person is "poofocal". SO NOT KIDDING!!!

Kristi said...

Oh man. At least Cohen will be able to tell his kids not to eat poop because it tastes bad. He'll be speaking from expereince.

TwinkleBee said...

My first thought was TMI, TMI, but I couldn't help but laugh and laugh at "I'll go sit in time out" and "I wanna say sorry"

BBB said...

Oh dear. And I complain about poop blow-outs. So much to look forward to!