Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Much Fun

What do you get when you combine a cold cloudy sunset

And a nasty dirty pile of snow?

An awesome sledding adventure!

Or so my kids thought.


(I was so sure he would hate it that I almost didn't let him go out)

Giggled from the top of the hill to the bottom

and was so anxious to get as many turns as possible
that he started hauling the broken chunk of sled up the hill.

Warning: this is only possible
for someone with a VERY little bum.
Every one else gets snow wedgies when they try this.
Ask me how I know.

The only problem came when he got to the bottom.

Anyone seen the Christmas Story?
Aww...come on guys, come on.

Bryn decided that she was just fine
supervising events from the bottom of the hill
and cheering on everyone that made it down

Princess B

is not exactly a snow bunny.

She hates to be cold.

Uncle Ryan convinced her otherwise.
She rocked that little green sled.

ever the independent one
wanted to do the big hill
(How do 3 year olds know what by "myself" is?)
I wouldn't have done it, it was so steep.
She shot like a rocket clear across the field.
And headed right back up to go again.

Caden and Ryan tag teamed the "jump"
(it was a foot or so bump, but you know,


We might as well call them
Kobe Bryant
they caught so much air.
Yeah, not so much, but it thrilled the pants off Caden.

"Did you see that mom?"
"Did you see us do the jump?"
"I saw it buddy, that was way cool!"
"Yeah, I know."

Fun was had all around.
I even went down the hill in my work out clothes
and fuzzy pink slippers.
No pictures necessary.

I effectively ruined Cohen's entire life,
or at least five minutes of it,
by bringing him inside before he was ready.

But I plan to buy his affection back
by buying a new sled tomorrow.

I have the utmost confidence
that all will be forgiven.

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Little Lady ~ Bug said...

I can't believe you still have snow!!Ok I can because it's Utah, but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Sledding is probably the only fun thing to do in the snow ;-)