Wednesday, January 28, 2009

North Facing Houses, and why you should avoid them...

That's pretty much the reason why.

The ice on our driveway was 4 inches thick.
Think I'm kidding? Check out the ice chunks
That JRP is throwing in the road.

Then notice that he is doing this
In his shirt and tie,
And dress pants and fancy shoes.
He got home from work and
"Just wanted to get it done"

Cohen thought that this was the coolest thing ever.

JRP started slinging it really high so Cohen
could watch it crash on the road.
Boys are so weird.
Watching ice smash onto the road is mesmerizing,

Then JRP felt bad for leaving
great big ice chunks
in the street.

(I said who cares.)

So he then spent the next 20 minutes

breaking the chunks up with the shovel.

Cohen thought this was cool as well.
(Like I said, boys are weird.)
And tried to help.

Then he cheesed it up for me.

So once again, you can see my driveway,
and it is not a major hazard
to navigate when coming to my house.
Thank you honey for putting on such a entertaining show,
and for getting rid of my ice.
I appreciate both.

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TwinkleBee said...

ahh what a good boy ryan is! CoCo is so big!!! You need to have another one:) I want to see a post on your retro aprons. Those R-O-C-K! Sell those puppies! I'd buy one.