Friday, May 22, 2009

Yard Sales...YES PLEASE!

You know what gets my heart going?

Besides my hot Hubby,
my cute kids,
My super fun and amazing family,
Great Friends,
Having a clean house,

and Red glass,


Its a compulsion of mine.
I must stop and look,
well, if it is well organized
(I do not stop for piles of junk on sheets)

Today I got a call
from the MIL.
HUGE Yard Sale.

lots of antiques
and kids outdoor toys.
She mentioned an old trunk.
My heart started palpitating.

She came and relieved me
at the preschool picnic at the park
so I could go and salivate.
and boy does she know me well.

I wanted to twirl in circles.
And clap and sing.
This trunk is in
AWESOME shape!

Still has in tact leather handles and straps,
and the organizer tray!
I have been searching high and low,
and boy,
these babies aren't cheap.
Even if they are falling apart,
they aren't cheap.

All I had to do for this one
was peel off the nasty contact paper
that someone coated the inside with
(I was muttering rude words
under my breath
the whole time.)

Better huh?
Don't ever do that to a beautiful antique trunk.
I will hunt you in your dreams
and make you wish you hadn't.

I also scored this cute wagon.

What a good day!


Ruthykins said...

that trunk is very cool. my mom likes to take me yard sailing in the summertime. she's also good at finding cool stuff

Brittany and Johnse said...

ohhh you scored big time!! LOVE The trunk! what are you going to put in it?

BBB said...

You are funny. I usually don't do the yard sale thing. But you should check out this blog:
This lady is always finding old furniture and refinishing it. She pretty much is amazing. I always think she must be high off of paint fumes cause she refinishes so much stuff. Maybe she'll inspire you to take up a new project.

Speaking of projects, whatever happened to that quilt we got you started on???

ann said...

I love to go Garage sailing!! I load up my boys and off we go almost every weekend that I can! I have found great stuff!!

Kasi said...

My grandma gave me a trunk like that and it is one of my favorite things. My mom got another one, and I've been trying to convince her that they belong together (in my house)