Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gap Baby Ad here we come.

So I was doing a photo shoot of Cohen at his best.
What do you think?

Does the up angle
show the gooey-ness of the snot better?

Or the does the down angle
better show off the carefully applied pizza sauce?
(Now dried on for a more aesthetically pleasing look.)

Or really,
should we skip the darling face all together
and go for the shapely knees,
(Cohen provided the scrapes
to add to the color of the composition.)

He was going for a certain look I think
Like, homeless street urchin boy,
This task was made harder
by his mean mother
who insisted on
the scrubbing and cleansing of above nastiness.
Don't worry.
He survived it.
I'm sure the look will be achieved again someday soon
. tomorrow.
Most likely.


Ruthykins said...

his nose is like a train wreck. it's something i really don't want to see, but need to peek anyway.

Randi said...

that's gross!!!

greenolive said...

poor kid.

TwinkleBee said...

um snot. gross. scabby bloody knees. Gross. Remind me why I want kids again?.... jk

Ash & Jon said...

This is seriously disgusting and hilarious!

Emily said...

and this is reason A. why I don't have children :D LOL J/K