Friday, May 8, 2009

And the Lucky Princess is...


who said

I have three little girls who will for sure spend hours
fighting over who gets to wear it...
if I am so lucky to win! :)

Well Julie,
it looks like
today was your lucky day.

One Pink Princess Cape Gift Basket
coming your way!

Please email me at

with your address
so I can send it out.

If there are super heroes and princesses out there
That cannot live one more minute without a cape.
MG Inspires has agreed to give anyone who orders one this week
15% off.
That would make them $12.50
and the shipping is on me.
In addition to the colors pictured
there is one that is a light powder blue.
Please let me know if it is for a Super Hero
or a princess.

Princess' get ribbons and a ruffly collar
Heroes get more manly ties.
comment here,
or email me at the above email address.

1 comment:

Caitlin said...

I have 2 superheros that cannot live one more minute without a cape! Looks like we need two...