Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Once upon a time, in a land far far away... There was this gift basket to give away...

Another Member of the Twinkle Bee Hive

Mary Ellen Workman
Is the creative genius behind
MG Inspires

Our Gift Basket Give Away for today

one of her Princess Capes

The Pink one
to be exact.

But of course

if you have a little boy
who is in desperate need of a cape

as Saxon
(the little man in gray)
(modeling was not enough he NEEDED one!)
let me know
and we can order one for you.
and Mary will make it for you.
Because she is AWESOME like that.

and because really,
no super hero should have to exist
without a cape.

Mary knows things like this.
She has four super heroes and one princess of her own.

Mary Ellen,
Mary Hellen
Harry Melon
(as we have affectionately called her)
is my mom's younger sister,
so in fact she is
Our Aunt Mary.

But after my mom died
she became
the closest thing I had to a mom.
She has come to
baby being born,
and significant event
in my life.

She even took herself right over to Europe
to meet me in Austria
after I got done in Romania
so we could travel around together.
that was an unforgettable adventure.

Mary's talents do not only extend to making capes.
The woman has never met something she couldn't master.
You ready for this list?
I am not lying about a single one of these things.

She makes
Wedding Cakes
Wedding Dresses
Prom Dresses

Baby Blessing Dresses
(This was Kenna's)
All the costumes for the high school drama department.
(anything that you can sew, she can sew better, I promise!)

She also is an amazing artist
who draws and paints.
I told her I needed a little name sign for Cohen's Room
She knows his favorite thing to say is "Buggy!"
So she came up with this!

She crochets

(she is the one that makes the darling crochet edge blankets
in the Twinkle Bee Blanket Shop)

She is an amazing cook
but she has this rock solid will power
and she hasn't eaten sugar in YEARS.
So half the time,
she doesn't even eat what she cooks.
Yeah well, we sure do.

Her kids love her,

my kids love her.
When she is in town
I do not even get to buckle their car seats.
They want Aunt Mary to do it.

She has two sons that are married,
(one darling Grandaughter, and one on the way)
one that is currently serving a mission
one senior in high school
(that is about to graduate as valedictorian of his class,)
and her Baby Girl is in Eighth Grade.

Busy lady huh?
but she always has time for creativity,
and fun,
and for me and my family.

love her
love her
love her

and her crazy amounts of talent.

I am currently trying to convince her
to put her blessing dresses
and artwork up on Twinkle Bee.

We shall see if I am victorious.
She is very humble about her gifts,
She rocks.

You love the capes?
Yes you do!
Comment to win one.
Comment to order one.

You know the drill.

You could be seeing these darling backsides
lined up against your fence!

Also one million and five thanks to Rachel Jones
my UBER talented sister in law
for taking the pictures
and volunteering her daughter and her cape
for the photo shoot.
She is the creater and genious behind
Black Eiffel
(even Martha Stewart thinks she's cool)
Check her out.
You won't be sorry.


jessiewessie said...

I want my little boy to have a super hero cape sooooo bad that I got myself a google account just so I could enter this giveaway. Oh how I hope I have a superhero running around my house soon!

julie said...

I have three little girls who will for sure spend hours fighting over who gets to wear it.. if I am so lucky to win! :)

Kasi said...

okay, my Jake is obsessed with capes. He has a batman and a superman one, but they are mini versions. A full length version would be much better!!

Caitlin said...

The pictures turned out so cute!!! I already ordered two. Obviously Saxon can't live without one...

Kristi said...

Aunt Mary is awesome, amazing, super hero, all those thigns. I love, love, love her too. It makes me want to fly out to Oregon right now to see her! :)

Rachel said...

i would love to win the super hero cape! they're super cute!

Love Stitched said...

So cute!! Saxon and your boys look so cute in super hero capes :)

James and Cami said...

Wow, you have such a talented family! My Cohen and/or Bosten would love a fantastic cape! I really need to come and learn how to sew from you!

greenolive said...

yes those capes are too cute, my boys are currently using blankets, but they aren't as cool.

S Semon said...

i would love to win! I have a little girl destined to be a princess!

Erickson Family said...

I am SO DANG SAD I missed this one. With as much time as I spend on the internet, I couldn't take 2 seconds to read my fav blogs?! UGH!
I miss Aunt Mary. I haven't seen her for years and I CANNOT believe she is a grandma???!!! WTHk?! She looks so uber fabuloso! =D <3 ya!!