Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The winner of the Rag quilt is...


who said

Glad I found your blog and learned about TwinkleBee and Apron Shop, I sure hope I win an adorable rag quilt! I was just admiring someone's last night, dreaming of it for my new little baby boy.

I am assuming Jenae,
that you want one for a boy,
but please let me know if I am wrong.
I will get with Holly Doll,
and let her know what you want.
(Who am I kidding,
spoken to her twice on the phone
just this morning,
and going to meet her at Target in an hour.)
So we're slightly inmeshed,
She'll whip one up for you.

Please email me your address at


and if you have a blog,
let us know what it is
so we can check it out.

And come back to see Twinkle Bee and Handi Andi!

1 comment:

Ruthykins said...

i'll try to keep my hopes up for the next giveaway. sniff sniff.