Friday, May 15, 2009

The Lehi Fire Department Rocks Our Socks

Today was
Preschool Field Trip Day
and because parents
have to

accompany their children,
The whole gang had to come along.

I was the only one there
that hauled four kids in with me.

And I was the only
one that forgot my camera,

Oh well, cell phone pictures it is.
(Cohen would not stand still he was so excited)

They watched an Elmo Firefighter video
and tried on the jackets.

(Kenna was screaming that she needed to pee at this point
so I missed the picture of that.)

They got to climb into the fire engine,

and the fire truck,

Which I found out are
two VERY different things.

Why do preschoolers
and moms
need to know the difference?

Well the fire fighter thought it was important.

So for those of you that are dying to know

The Fire Engine
has the bigger pumper hoses and a very small ladder.

Fire Trucks
are the ones that have the huge-o ladders,
and don't hold as much water.

At least that is what I thought I heard
amongst the chaos of forty small children.

Now you are all one brain cell smarter.

Well regardless,
they all got stickers,

Which Cohen put on his Belly
and he kept lifting his shirt to show EVERYONE.
Then laughing and saying "on my belly"

Evidently being a junior fire fighter for the day
really wears you out!

because I found Caden first
(he never naps anymore)

and then Kenna
who never naps,
curled up with Cohen,
in Kenna's bed.

I had a very peaceful afternoon.

Thank you Lehi Fire Department
for that little gift!


Ruthykins said...

that's awesome! i'm so relieved that i finally know the difference between a fire engine and a fire truck. now i'll finally get a good nights rest.

Kasi said...

Ah yes, we've had a few of those field trips! Hey, we're in Utah now, but PACKED for the rest of the week (we leave Thursday) If you can make it, on Thursday I am having lunch with a bunch of girlfriends at the gateway. I would love it if you could come!!!

K Doll said...

pure bliss to have a peaceful afternoon! the picture of Kenna and Cohen together melts my heart!