Thursday, May 7, 2009

I was not crying! I had something in my eye!

My baby brother
His name is Philip,

But we all call him Phlip,

Got Married
the Lovely Laura
this past weekend,

and of course I was in attendance.

my allergies were also
in attendance.

The second
my bum hit the chair
for the ceremony,
my eyes started itching,
then they started seriously burning.
I was trying to dab carefully
so I didn't ruin my makeup.

All this dabbing turned into serious rubbing.
I was starting to tear up.
I had to squint out of one eye
when Phlip and Laura made their entrance.

I had to get my contact out.
I took it out and stuck it in my mouth
(so it wouldn't dry out.)

Except now I couldn't see.
And my eyes were still streaming,
and my nose was still running.
I glanced up with one eye,
and Becky (my step mom)
saw me and made the
"you poor thing,"
"you are so sweet to be so emotional"

thinking I was sitting there bawling
over the ceremony.

I tried to sniffle up the snot,
and dry my eyes,
lest everyone think I was the
ONLY emotional idiot
in the entire room,
and when sniffling,
I swallowed my contact.


As we got downstairs and outside after the ceremony
people kept patting me,
and giving me
the look
(This is Mac's Father in Law teasing me)
This is me telling him
have something in my eye!
and really,
How cliche to say
"I wasn't crying, I just had something in my eye!"

And now I couldn't see anything
unless I squinted like a pirate.

I was fully made up on the Right side,
and had not a stitch of makeup left on the left,
from all the

It was not cute.
See Here before it was completely gone.

Laura and Phlip
were more than cute enough for all of us.

They threw a beautiful and elegant reception,

and had some seriously good ice cream there,

and I went home with a migraine.

Because I could only see out of
one eye.

A day I'm pretty sure I'll never forget.

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Brittany and Johnse said...

oh you poor thing I bet it sucked having allergies...I hate when only one eye gets all red and itchy and the other one looks fine. AHHHH

Megan said...

Ok, I was laughing SOOO HARD! That is totally something that would happen to me! I can't believe you swallowed your contact - priceless! I'm sorry about your allergies, but that was funny! How old is Phillip? His bride looks adorable. Glad you could be there, even if you could only see out of one eye!

Sara Newton said...

All I have to say is that this is something that would totally happen to you and I can picture you talking about it at work (in the morning even though you probably don't usually work in the morning any more) and I can hear your voice...priceless! I sometimes think the worst things happen to you, sorry your eyes didn't work! Good thing they still got married!

Ruthykins said...

i feel bad for laughing at you, but i just can't seem to help myself. that is hilarious. i lost it when you swallowed your contact. so funny. everyone looks great, though. older than i remember, but still good. love rachel's headband.

K Doll said...

Philip and Laura look beautiful! I'm so happy for them! And I'm so so so sorry you had such a miserable day...but it does make for a pretty good story. :)

Bernie and Doll said...

You were sooooo crying :) i saw ! :)

Erickson Family said...

I cannot believe you SWALLOWED YOUR CONTACT!!!!! Totally something I'd have done. LOL!