Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Project Number 657,983,233

This Project is
Officially Labeled
Get Rid of the Weed Patch,
Level and Gravel the Third Driveway Area.

It was getting so bad that I quit trying to weed it,
and made Ryan start mowing it.
Don't let the green fool you
its all weeds and prickly burs and crap.

So we called in our friend
Derk Palfreyman
to Bobcat it level

(AKA Turbo Weeding)

Then we called in our friends
at Geneva Rock

To dump us some
1 3/4 inch gravel

Then I called in the troops
(Caitlin and Holly)
To come and help me shovel and rake
22.38 tons of gravel
into some semblance of level.

Still not there yet.
It is seriously
muscle ripping hard
to shovel this much gravel.
(22.38 tons remember?)

Evidently the Geneva Rock Lady
Calculated Wrong
and gave us several tons too much gravel.
So we can't level it until we get rid of some of it.

So we are now prepared
to run
The Price Family Gravel Pit
Out of our weed patch/third driveway.

It will be done this weekend
It will be done this weekend.

If I keep telling myself
it might actually get there.


Caitlin said...

Did you cut yourself out of that picture? Holly took a picture of me AND you shoveling gravel, and I only see me. I want to see the whole picture!

Love Stitched said...

yuck....yard work sucks!! I am proud of you though for attempting such a big task!! And what great friends to come and help!