Sunday, August 23, 2009

We now interrupt the Integrity Project, for a little Dance Preformance

Miss Kennady

Had her
first dance recital.
On Thursday night.

She and Princess B
have been taking dance
from some very talented girls
in our neighborhood.

$20 bucks a month,
for 1 hour of Jazz
and 1 hour of Ballet
You cannot beat that!

And they have

The recital was in a beautiful backyard,
and all the girls were darling.
We laughed so hard at some points
that we were bent over double.

Holly had to bribe B
with a Barbie
to get her to stay up there at all.
she was a riot the whole time.

Molly and Chloe did such a good job
with so many silly little girls,
that we have been begging them
to keep teaching
during the school year.
(Seriously, $20 a month!)

It was the first time Ryan had seen the routine
and he was pretty impressed that our 3 year old
Actually looked
like she knew what she was doing.

I was too.

Kenna cracked me up until the very end
when she announced

" I was really good! Huh Mom? Huh?"

Kenna Bear,
you were really, really, good.


Brittany and Johnse said...

That first picture of her is SO cute...precious!

kim said...


The Dayton Family said...

Adorable!! Isn't it precious watching them dance? I remember Abby's first recital. Nothing in the world beats that!!