Sunday, August 9, 2009

These Pirates Know How to Party

Our Friend
turned 5

and he was cool enough
to invite us
to join in on the fun.

His mommy
went above and beyond.

who can do this?
I would not even attempt.

There were swashbuckling swordfights

and treasure hunts for buried treasure.

We came home with all this loot.
Amy made sure every one had some costumage
(eye patch, and red sash)
and a name tag
proclaiming their position on the ship

The awesome "Treasure"
was the bag with their name on it.
Filled with chocolate coins
and "daggers",
and "precious jewels"

I think
I am going to hire her
to do
my kids birthday parties
from here on out.


kim said...

Wow that is awesome. Some people have so much energy-not me. Check out my blog and see what I did for Parker's birthday-wait, I will save you time-we did nothing:)

Ruthykins said...

i love theme parties. mine this year were not nearly as cool as that pirate one, though.