Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Little Town
"Arts in the Park"
every Sunday afternoon.

Local musicians come
and play for the small crowd that gathers.

My friends from work were preforming
So we decided to check it out.

The kids cared nothing for the music
and checked out the playground instead.

Cohen was so scared
he wouldn't even look at me
to say cheese
But whenever I tried to help
he repeatedly screamed
"I do it, I do it"

Caden was testing out his kung fu moves
from up in the tree.
I was waiting for him to fall and break his arm
He's going to be a ninja when he grows up,
don't you know
Ninjas don't fall out of trees

It was a
lovely August evening
The weather was perfect

Summer is so magical
I'm sad that its almost over.

Pardon the pictures (again)
my iphone is incapable of taking non blurry pictures

1 comment:

Brittany and Johnse said...

how fun, i remember I would go with Caitlin when you and Irene would bring the girls from your work down....