Saturday, October 23, 2010


It's not just anyone

that can hold one baby
Feed another baby
watch tv

(Notice the remote tucked near Collin)
and play Plants vs. Zombies on his phone
all at the same time.

The man has skills I tell ya

Does it make it more legit if I spell it with a Z?
Not sure
so here
Cause he's got them.


riosfamily said...

OH Yes, He is quite the man!!! Do you want to know the thing I love about you too?!!!
I love how when he looks at you, You can see how much he adores you!! And you him!! My husband is great that way too!!!!!!

I am doing good on my kingdom (s)!
Ryan is great at his kingdom but Andi not so much....COULD IT BE SHE'S A LITTLE BUSY WITH TWINS!!!!!
I think so!! Love you guys more then you know and LETS GET TOGETHER SOON!! I don't want the time to pass anymore!! OH YA!! Scentsy....when, where, how??!

riosfamily said...

Yes!! I don speak english.......I used the wrong too!! It should of been TWO!!! I had a teacher in school who would immediately give you a 0 on an A paper just for using the wrong two,to,too or the wrong there,their,they're. So they're you go!! I just got another 0!!!