Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallows Eve

kind of loses some of the magic
when it is pouring down rain
and the wind is trying to knock you off your feet.
We're talking Mary Poppins
(the part with all the nannies)
umbrellas breaking
and bending
and trying to carry you away.

And hats and gloves and coats
cover up your super cool costumes.

Ryan and I even tried to bribe the kids
with all the candy we had in the house
to just stay at home and watch a movie
it was a
No Go

So Grandma graciously offered
to watch the twinkies
while she handed out candy at her house

So Ryan and I
and our neighbors Jenger and Josh

could Brave the elements
(blurb on the picture is a raindrop- we're talking serious rain folks)

We lined up for a group shot
Check out the munchkin in the middle
Mom made him wear a stupid beanie

instead of his cool transformers mask

Too bad she put the beanie on backwards
and told him to stop whining about wearing it
Poor kid couldn't see a dang thing

Quick correction
and a sincere apology
and we were back in business.
Even though he was still bummed
that he didn't have his Bumblebee mask
(but just until the first door, then he had candy and all was forgotten)

When we were thoroughly frozen
and the candy bags were loaded
we headed back to Jenger's house
for some hot Chili

in these darling bread bowls

Ryan called me to double check when going to pick them up
that I was actually going to pay extra
for the pumpkin ones
instead of the regular.

It was Halloween after all,
I can spring for the cute ones
since they only come once a year
How could I not?
Pumpkin Bread Bowls.
The coolest.

We also made Carmel Apples

Collin was a big fan
I was too,
Probably the highlight of my evening


Kincade invited us
to his Halloween Party Friday night
and Ryan found out that he was going to be Phineas
from the show Phineas and Ferb
We decided it would be awesome
(and pretty easy)
for Ryan to be Dr. Doofenshmirtz
He looked seriously hot in my black turtleneck
(he refused to spend money on something he swore he would never wear again)
and he gabbed a lab coat from the scrub store to finish the look

and just for your viewing pleasure
Collin and Keegan Rocked the Party
as the little chick
and the stinky skunk.

We had a great Halloween.
Can't wait for next year!

P.S. for journaling sake. Caden was the War Machine from Iron Man 2
(the gray Iron Man thing)
and Kenna was Cinderella the first night
(tripped and ripped her costume)
and we pulled out the good old Ariel from the costume box
for the next night.

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