Friday, October 29, 2010

Jack O' Lanterning the Neighborhood One Garage Party at a Time

My Fab Neighbor
missed her true life calling
(besides being a wife and mother- she rocks that)

She should have been an event planner

Our boring little neighborhood
has been hopping lately
thanks to her.

Labor Day Picnic
(sorry, no camera, no pics)

and now
a Pumpkin Carving Party

Which unfortunately was rained out of her backyard
and fortunately into my recently cleaned garage
(thank you honey for cleaning it even though I wished it had been the kitchen at the time)

People brought treats
(somehow, I only have a pic of the empty Cider Pot)

and pumpkins

and happy laughter

and fun

and pumpkin carving tools to share

these were our first designer pumpkins
(more than just the good old triangle eyes nose and gap toothed mouth)

and I think they
turned out pretty darn good

Poo poo for you
all you neighbors
who chose to ignore our invitations
to make merry

You missed a rockin
(if somewhat messy and slimy)
garage pumpkin party.

Thank you Jenger
for following through on your awesome idea.
Loved it.


Bernie and Doll said...

ummmm.....where was my invite?? :)

Amy Bagaso Williams said...

Great pumpkins! This year was our first year doing designer pumpkins as well. Absolutely love the stencils!