Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cohen turns 3

So most of you know
Cohen's 3rd Birthday was in March

It is now October

But 3 is a big year
and I could not let this pass us by without a blog post

I have major guilt about all the things that slipped past
or were knowingly shoved to the side
while I was pregnant with the twins,
and yeah um...since they have been born.
No Halloween decorations?
Minimal Christmas decorations?

almost no blog posts while preggo or since.
The pictures are there and just begging for face time
and I want to remember the fun
and the awesomeness of everyday life
with my HILARIOUS kids.
So have patience
and pretend like these next several posts happened days ago
instead of months ago.

I am a big believer in BIG DEALS for Holidays and Birthdays
and this kid is a big deal.

He potty trained himself
(once he learned he could get out of nursery at church to use the potty)
and thinks that he is turning 6 like Caden is instead of 3.

His favorite foods in THE WORLD are macaroni and cheese,
and hot dogs, and avacados, and tomatoes, and strawberries, and watermelon

He is very expressive and makes the best faces.
Definitely the clown at the dinner table
or any other time he thinks it will get a laugh

He is my best sleeper ever
and has been since 7 weeks old
Bed at 8
Lays down and rolls over,
"Sweet dreams mommy,
I want Swamp Fire and Chromostone for my "bird day"
and I love you"

then closes his eyes and is out.
Every night.
Don't hate me for that.
He wakes up every morning between 8 and 10 and says
"morning mommy,
I sleep good,
I want pink milk and watch Ben 10."
and then repeats
"pink milk and Ben 10."

He is a great sport when his sister dresses him up in her clothes

He is scared of all kinds of things, but especially bugs
and is constantly saying "You hear dat?" "I heared that."
and uses the excuse that "there is a bug so he can't"
whenever he wants out of something.

He is a huge BYU fan
and claims anything BYU he finds as his own
"That my shirt huh mom? Cause it say BYU cougars on it."

He is constantly challenging me
to see just how far he can go
or just how much he can push it
(i.e.-painting himself with my mascara)
Sometimes he is a little bit stinky and hits other little kids.
It takes a while to get him going, but once provoked,
he does not back down or walk away without a push or a kick.
I cannot seem to break him of this
no matter how many time outs and bedtimes and talks.

He cannot fathom the idea
that he is not just as big, strong, tall, and capable
as all the older kids.
He takes it for granted that he is always invited
and gets himself stuck, or hurt, or mad, all the time.
When I try to tell him he just replies
"But I big mom, I big. Big like Caden."

He loves going places
he is always terrified that we are going to leave without him
so he is always running with his shoes in his arms
and half falling down the stairs
in an effort to not be left behind
He takes it very seriously.
"I gotta help Dadda (his name for Ryan) at the store"
"He need me, I gotta go"

My amazing friend Caitlin
said she thought her cousin Jeff might do a party for me.
For the big day
why not?

8 months pregnant with twins
I was not feeling so into party planning.
But she convinced me that it would be awesome,
and man was she ever right.

He showed up with some of his animals
and put on a great show.

I mostly took pictures of the kids
(who were enthralled)

but I should have been
taking pictures of all of the adults
they were just as fascinated
and entertained as the little ones.

I think that the adults squealed and screamed
more than the toddlers did.

He said that if I would have given him more notice
he could have gotten even more animals.

Are you kidding me?
With all the snakes and lizards and turtles and bugs,
my house did not need one more reptile
or insect
in it.

But like I said,
great show.
Perfect mix of fun and information
He let the kids feed the turtles
and taught them how to tell if a snake is poisonous

Caitlin also knows my history with last minute cakes
and no themes and so on
and it drives her crazy
(and she knew I was not feeling so hot)
so she offered to make the cake for me
for Cohen's big day.

She asked me what I wanted
and I laughed and said go for it
expecting cupcakes with frosting
(I would have been totally thrilled with that)
But of course she goes above and beyond.

She knew the theme of the party
According to Cohen it was a "Nake Party"
So she did some research and came up with this.

Are you kidding me?
One of the coolest cakes I have EVER seen!
She looked up the snake on the internet
and HAND PAINTED this one with food coloring
to look like a (kick me if I'm wrong)
Burmese Python.

Align Right
I could not believe my eyes
when she walked in with it.
So cool.
Complete with M&M eyes and a licorice toungue
I really didn't even want to cut it up
or let any of the kids touch it.

It looked so real
Cohen was even a little afraid of it
when we set it in front of him.

Seriously Caitlin,
you are thewinner of
the coolest cake ever award.

And it tasted so good.

I hope that it was a really fun party
for my really amazing little man.
Like a said
3 is a big year
and so far it has been really great.


Caitlin said...

Cute pictures! One of these times you're going to have to let me plan Kenna's party. I've always wanted to do a girl one :)

Natalie said...

What a fun post! Since I am so far away it was fun to get to know Cohen. What a cool party. He is my kind of kid, with not liking the bugs. Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas.

Amy Bagaso Williams said...

Love the pictures! Still feel so bad that we missed his party, so I'm not gonna let the kids see the pictures, they would be so sad. ;-). Caitlin is incredible!!! WOW! That cake is absolutely amazing. Looks so real. I swear it's art, pure art.