Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I was on the phone,
and on the computer
trying to tell myself
that I wasn't avoiding

hanging the laundry out to dry.

Kenna came in to talk to me
I shushed her
and told her to wait a minute.

She laid her head on my lap
and I played with her hair while I talked.

She then proceeded to fall asleep standing up.

I didn't realize she was asleep
until her knees started to buckle,
then she would straighten them back up,
then they would buckle again.

When the girl is tired,
the girl is tired.

She fell asleep
on the way to the gym last night
slept in the play pen in the day care the whole time
and slept all the way home.

She woke up right before dinner
and asked if we could get a snow cone
after we went to the gym.

She did not believe me
that we had already gone
and was mad that she missed it.

Its rough on the girl
when mom has to get her up early
to take her to Grandma's before work.
Rough I tell you.


Kasi said...

wow, I wish my kids would do that sometimes! I can't believe you hang your laundry out to dry...what are you going to do in the winter?

The Dayton Family said...

She's like Abby. She used to fall asleep in the most random places and she could sleep ANYWHERE! I have some great pics :))

Ruthykins said...

my kids almost never sleep during the day.

greenolive said...

sleeping kids are sweet. hey we had pres. Gibson and Nettesheim in our ward on Sunday. I missed your dad. It's always nice to see him again.