Monday, September 21, 2009

The Buzz...

We have bees

or wasps
or hornets
or whatever they are called

I put out traps,
Ryan goes on the hunt
every few days and sprays
and whacks away what he can find.

Just when we think we are safe
they go on the attack.

Poor Kenna
(She couldn't part with the ice pack for the picture)

and Cohen

got on the wrong end of a few stingers.

Ryan went on the warpath again
and found some major nests.

There were so many dead bees
we couldn't even walk in the grass barefoot

My kids love the fort,
unfortunately, so do the bees.

Maybe we've turned the tide?
Somehow I doubt it.

Any good Bee Killin' Ideas?


Brittany and Johnse said...

OUCH! good thing none of them are allergic!

Lacey said...

all i know is you gotta kill the queen. poor kids! i haven't been stung since i was like 10. i stepped on one. not a good idea. good luck!!

ohp this just in, uncle don says you have to know which kind of bees they are. if they're honey bees you call a bee wrangler (and no, he's not kidding) to come and take the queen away. every single bee will follow and be gone :)

on the other hand, if they're wasps or hornets you get this spray stuff specifically for those types (from walmart or home depot) and the can is designed to use from 15 to 20 feet away. is that what ryan's using? soak the nest with it and it should kill all of them. if it's a big nest, you might have to do it once more. the end :)