Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Its a dang good thing it comes off with water...

You know
when its just
a little too quiet.

When you smile,
and think
My kids are playing so nicely,
what a treat.

And then
your illusions are shattered

and you think
I knew it was too good to be true.

I heard banging,
and Cohen yelling
"I stuck Mom"
"I stuck"

I walked over and saw this on the floor
wasn't sure I really wanted to open the door

and deal with what was inside.

The second I opened the closet door
he started apologizing.
"Sorry mom, sorry mom"

the Coco-monster

came to play with finger paints.

Knew he would get in trouble,
so decided to play with them in the closet
to postpone the inevitable.

Problem is,
when your hands
(and head and feet and clothes for that matter)
are covered with paint,

its hard to open a door knob.
Paint makes it slippery.
so you have to bang with both hands
so mom will get you out.

When she doesn't come quickly enough,
you also start painting the carpet inside the closet.
( I was alternating between
cursing and crying and cursing at this point
so I quit taking pictures)

He did offer to
"Keen it wif wipies"
but we settled for
washing his own hands
while mom cleaned it
with a million wipes
and the carpet shampooer.

I didn't have the strength to tackle
a bath after that,
his hair stayed blue until the next day.


Ruthykins said...

ha ha ha! oh man, that's one of the best stories i've seen today! i love that you left his hair blue! awesome! i don't think i'd've gotten as far as cleaning before i started crying.

ambyr said...

flippin awesome!!! I'm sooo glad you snapped a picture of this!! I promise it will be hilarious in a year or two!!! did you get my email? I sent it to gmail.....

greenolive said...

I have a two yr old into markers. He can't get into them but his older brothers get them for him.

kim said...

Oh no is all I can say. Someday these things will be funny! :)

Caitlin said...

That's awesome! My favorite part is that he went in the closet to do it. I'm sorry.