Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Better Late Than Never

summer is almost over

and we have been promising our kids
every Tuesday and Thursday
all summer
that we can get a snow cone
next time
we come to the gym

We figured we better ante up
before the good old
Sno Shack
Closed its windows for the season.

My kids knew exactly what they wanted

Cohen- Blue
"A blue one, a blue one"
"Coco wanna blue one"
(His teeth and tongue are still blue)

Even the teasing from Kenna that it was pink
did not deter him

As luck would have it
they had a Barbie Flavor
Kenna heard that
and there was no turning back
It was cotton candy flavored
but doesn't Barbie Flavor make it sound more fun?

Me- Watermelon with Heavy Cream
Ryan- Mango with Heavy Cream

The kids all swapped bites,
and spit,
and bits of grass.
I offered to share mine
but Cohen took one look
and said
I don yike it.
No amount of coaxing would change his mind.

Oh well, more for me.

The kids are already planning their return trip
We'll have to see
if the Sno Shack
stays open that long.

(Long enough for us not to be in a hurry,
and to have five dollars cash with us.)


kim said...

wish we had one of those here.

Hubba's Thoughts said...
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Hubba's Thoughts said...

Yumm!!! My favorite is tigers blood!!

Ruthykins said...

sno cones are great! they are the perfect summertime treat.